Developing Sessions


per month

Two 1-hour phone consults
per month (bi-weekly calls)

  • Get on a regular schedule for maximum results. A bi-weekly consult with Suzanne allows her to get really specific with strategies and solutions for your unique learner. We bill your credit card monthly until you are ready to go it alone or shift to as-needed sessions.


Discovery Session


per session

Discovering your Unique Learner's needs as well as initial strategies.

  • One hour long phone consultation with Suzanne will give you a lot of information about your child. This option is for first- or one-time consultations to determine what underlying issues to target as well as initial strategies to try


Follow-Up  Sessions


per session

Schedule follow-up sessions at your own pace. 

  • Half hour phone consultations are intended to be a follow-up conversation on the one hour appointment. The purpose of this follow-up is to assess progress and make adjustments as     needed. This allows you to continue to periodically connect with Suzanne.

"Having someone knowledgeable and supportive helping me with strategies for my unique learner has made all the difference!”